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Date: 2017-11-21
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From the people of Zimbabwe to the Zimbabwean Parliment, all can be seen rejoicing after hearing of the confirmed resignation of President Robert Mugabe.

After a 37 year reign, the worlds oldest head of state resigned on Tuesday the 21st of November 2017. Robert Mugabe was ushered out of power as his autocratic rule crumbled within days of a military takeover. Upon the news breaking, the cheering crowds raced through the streets of the capital, Harare, as the news spread. Togo Ndhlalambi, who is a hairdresser, told reporters; "We are just so happy that things are finally going to change". 

An impeachment was underway when Mugabe sent the letter to the speaker, Jacob Mudenda. Impeachment is the process where both houses of parliament vote to pass the motion by a 50% majority. Then a joint committee is formed to investigate allegations and determine if there is adequate evidence that Mugabe should, in fact, be held accountable and, if they condone impeachment, both houses must pass the law by a two-thirds majority – which is at least 233 seats of the total 347 seats.

Both houses went forward to vote in acceptance of the report to impeach Mugabe, however, the speaker stopped proceedings to say they had received a resignation letter from President Robert Mugabe, "I Robert Gabriel Mugabe, in terms of section 96 of the constitution of Zimbabwe, hereby formally tender my resignation...with immediate effect".

This letter was greeted on the streets of the capital with car horns and wild cheering.

"Never should the nation be held at ransom by one person ever again, whose desire is to die in office at whatever cost to the nation" – AP.

Parliment wants to reiterate that this is a legitimate proceeding and so the final vote will be on either Wednesday or Thursday. It has not been stated yet who will be the new president as the speaker is said to be working on legal issues to make sure the new leader is appointed by the end of Wednesday.

For now, Mugabe has officially written his letter of resignation and we can clearly see the people of Zimbabwe are rejoicing.

Watch the video below for reactions and stay tuned for more updates as the story unfolds.

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