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DHL might be F1’s global logistics partner, but they definitely won’t be sponsoring the South African Grand Prix next year.

After rumours did the rounds that DHL might be the company set to be the big financial sponsorship when the race possibly returns to South Africa, the company set the record straight.

With Kyalami Circuit’s chances to host a Grand Prix next year looking pretty good, a lot of other countries are scared that they might lose their spot on the calendar while a lot of companies are looking to throw big money towards the race with the hopes that they might become the sponsor of the local race.

But it won’t be DHL, as the logistic company’s Sub-Saharan Africa vice-president of marketing, Megan Collinicos, told Sport24: “DHL is the official logistics partner of Formula 1 globally. The 2023 calendar has not been published yet, and speculation around the race is just that.”

The unconfirmed reports have made it difficult for fans to get excited, but most are cautiously optimistic.

To get clarity, Sport24 contacted Formula One Management (FOM), the FIA, and Liberty Media but the organisations haven’t announced anything yet.

Famous, but anonymous Twitter user F1 Paddock Insider has tweeted an announcement can be “expected this week”.

Image credit: Car Magazine

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