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The city of Venice has announced that it will start charging an entrance fee for tourists, the first of its kind in the world.

The date for the first entrance fee to be charged has been announced as 16 January 2023.

This was announced by the city’s councillor for tourism, Simone Venturini during a press conference.

Over the last few decades, Venice has faced a massive overcrowded peak season, making it almost impossible for locals and tourists alike to move within the city.

The aim of the entrance fee is to create a solution to the overtourism problem.

The entrance fee will not have a fixed amount attached to it, but rather fluctuate according to the number of visitors to the city. The price starts at three euros and could go as high as 10 euros per person per night.

Venturini explained that the goal is not to “close the city” but to get people to book their presence to reduce the “tourist peaks”.

“Venice is a living city and it has to stay that way”, he added.

There is some relief for certain tourists. Disabled people as well as children aged under six will be exempt.

Residents will not be charged to enter the city.

Other tourists that will be exempt from paying the entrance fee include those visiting the city for health reasons and those coming to attend a sporting or cultural event.

Tourists staying overnight in hotels will also be exempt as they’ll already be paying a tourist tax through their hotel.

Image credit: Euronews

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