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The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is a sister organisation to The Economist and has released its global index of the world’s most liveable cities for 2022.

CNN Travel reports that the EIU ranked 173 cities around the world on a variety of factors, including health care, crime rates, political stability, infrastructure and access to green space.

This year, six of the top 10 countries are located in Europe.

Switzerland had a big year with two entries in the top 10. The only European country to have this. The two cities are Geneva in sixth position and Zurich in third.

Overall, Canada came out tops as a country. In the 2022 Global Liveability Index Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto made the list.

According to the index’s authors, “cities that were towards the top of our rankings before the pandemic have rebounded on the back of their stability, good infrastructure and services, as well as enjoyable leisure activities.”

Last year’s most liveable city, Auckland in New Zealand, only came in at number 34 this year.

This year, there was a tie for 10th place with Osaka in Japan and Melbourne in Australia both sharing the 10th place.

The 2022 Global Liveability Index’s top 10 cities are:

1.      Vienna, Austria

2.      Copenhagen, Denmark

3.      Zurich, Switzerland

4.      Calgary, Canada

5.      Vancouver, Canada

6.      Geneva, Switzerland

7.      Frankfurt, Germany

8.      Toronto, Canada

9.      Amsterdam, Netherlands

10.   Osaka Japan and Melbourne, Australia

Image credit: Erasmusu

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