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Millions of people have been infected, but only 73 deaths have been reported so far.

In what is deemed almost impossible, North Korea has acknowledged its first outbreak of Covid-19 in the country, although it’s blaming a case of fever for the deaths.

Until the middle of May of this year, the country continued to report to the World Health Organisation that there haven’t been any Covid-19 cases within its borders. Even though it shares a very busy and long border with China where the virus originated in 2019 already.

Now, more than 4.6 million cases of fever have been reported, although authorities still remain mum over how many patients with the supposed fever have also tested positive for the coronavirus.

Although the infection numbers keep rising, the country’s dictator Kim Jong Un has refused outside help.

Coincidentally, the country last week reported an outbreak of an unidentified gastrointestinal disease in the southwest area. The country’s health officials have said they believe it to be cholera or typhoid.

News24 reports that Tim Peters, the founder of Seoul-based aid organisation, Helping Hands Korea Seoul, said it is likely North Korea is underplaying the extent of the crisis in the country.

“What else but Covid could the sudden 4.6 million fevers since the country’s mid-May admission of Covid cases be? Authorities have every reason to be gravely concerned that its rickety medical system will suffer a tsunami of cases and be overwhelmed.”

Image credit: Reuters

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