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If you’ve always been a massive Disney fan and have R1.76 million to spare, we’ve found the perfect holiday for you.

Disney has announced that it’s offering the ultimate Disney fan tour. The trip will consist of flying on a private jet while visiting all the Disney theme parks across the world where you’ll also be given a private tour of each.

The tour has been named Disney Parks Around The World – A Private Jet Adventure and will depart in July 2023.

Disney said that a Boeing 757 has been converted to meet the demands of the 75 VIPs who will be allowed to travel on the trip. The 233 seats have been removed and converted into 75 leather seats in two-by-two formation.

Once they’ve landed, guests will be split into smaller groups and travel by cars, deluxe minibuses and buses.

The tour will also include a private tour of the Disney museum and archives.

For those worried about their health and wellbeing while travelling, Disney has assured them that they will be accompanied by tour guides, a doctor, as well as a 14-person flight crew which includes a chef. The tour also includes all the guests’ meals and some of their alcoholic drinks.

Becky Cline, director of the Walt Disney Archives will be the host of the luxurious trip that will include private tours to the parks in Orlando, United States; Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Hong Kong; Agra, India; Cairo, Egypt; and Paris, France.

While travelling through these countries, guests will also be able to visit India’s Taj Mahal, Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza, and France’s Eiffel Tower as it’s already included in the price.

Image credit: The Gate

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