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Big tampon manufacturers have pledged to increase their manufacturing capabilities to ensure the shortages in the United States are addressed.

With the war in Ukraine as well as the pandemic taking the blame, many women are left searching for the product at various stores or having to face the markup on the products when they do eventually find them.

With the shortage currently in its beginning phase, many women are left wondering how much tampons would cost them in the near future when the supply chain is put under even more pressure.

A spokesperson for Edgewell Personal Care, manufacturer of two major tampon brands in the United States told the BBC that its stocks have been “impacted due to extensive workforce shortages caused by two separate Omicron surges in the United States and Canada in late 2021 and early 2022, respectively”.

“We have been operating our manufacturing facilities around the clock to build back inventory and anticipate returning to normal levels in the coming weeks.”

In a press release, Tampax manufacturer Procter & Gamble said that it was “working hard to ramp up production”.

The company encouraged women to only buy what they need so that the country is not faced with shortages experienced with other products similar to the pandemic.

“It is so important at this point for people to buy only what they need. We know that some of the shortages we all experienced early in the pandemic were due to hoarding”.

Image credit: Tinybeans

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