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Jumbo, once a famous restaurant that not only featured in many local Chinese and Hollywood films but also hosted the likes of Queen Elizabeth II and Tom Cruise, has been towed away to find a new home.

The restaurant is 76 metres long and can house 2 300 diners at once. It even featured in “Contagion”, a movie directed by Steven Soderbergh about a deadly global pandemic.

It’s quite ironic as the pandemic is cited as the reason why the restaurant has been sold and towed away.

News24 reports that restaurant owner Melco International Development announced last month that ahead of its licence expiration in June, Jumbo would leave Hong Kong and await a new operator at an undisclosed location.

It has become a financial burden to them since it had to shut its doors at the start of the pandemic in 2020.

The restaurant, styled to look like a Chinese imperial palace, was once a must-see tourist attraction in Hong Kong and on the day it was towed away, it drew only a small crowd.

The former tourist hot spot opened in 1976 and was even regularly visited by locals as well.

Image credit: Time Out

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