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It seems as if Toyota’s first fully electric battery vehicle’s wheels are coming off… literally.

The Japanese car manufacturer is recalling a number of its bZ4X vehicles due to faulty wheels. The recall includes some of its 2023 models.

Out of the 2 700 vehicles recalled, 2 200of those have been earmarked for Europe, 260 for the United States, 110 for Japan and 10 for Canada.

Although recalls aren’t that unusual, the reason behind this recall has a lot of people worried.

In a statement, Toyota has said that after low-mileage use, all of the hub bolts on the wheel can loosen to the point where the wheel can detach from the vehicle. If a wheel detaches from the vehicle while driving, it could result in a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash.

Although Toyota is still investigating the cause of why the wheels are detaching, it has issued a stern warning saying “no one should drive these vehicles until the remedy is performed”.

Only last week, Subaru announced that it is recalling about 2 600 of its Solterra cars for the same reason. The Solterra was a joint development between Subaru and Toyota.

Euronews reports that Japan’s safety authority was not aware of any accidents being caused by the defect, but advised drivers to stop using the vehicle until a more “permanent” repair measure was in place.

Image credit: CNN

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