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If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to get into a real Batman suit, then your chances have just increased by a lot.

When George Clooney played the iconic role of Batman in 2017, the film was a major flop. The auction for the fifth bat suit in the modern Batman film franchise starts on 22 July and the current bid stands at $40 000.

It was such a big disappointment when it followed the hugely popular “Batman Forever” that director Joel Schumacher eventually apologised to fans for disappointing them.

While it might not have been the actual suit’s fault, the suit did get a lot of negative attention for the details, including the clearly defined nipples moulded onto the chest plate. Back then, Schumacher said that that particular suit’s design was inspired by Greek statues and medical anatomy illustrations.

Heritage House, the auction house in charge of the sale, said the suit is crafted from latex, vinyl, resin, leather and other elements, the costume comes assembled onto a life-size mannequin with a hyper-realistic George Clooney head.

The winner of the highest bid will also get the cowl, a full-length cape, a muscle tunic, muscled tights, gauntlet gloves and knee-high boots.

Image credit: Epicstream

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