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In the United States, the demand for travel has reached all-time highs post the pandemic. With people able to travel where and when they want to again, they’re doing just that.

In South Africa, things are almost the exact opposite. With some local airlines closing, there are a lot fewer flights available which mean fewer positions available for all airline staff.

For pilots, there is a way out of the situation. If you’re willing to move to the United States.

The US National Interest Waiver (NIW) progamme offers pilots, who meet exceptional ability criteria, the chance to gain an unconditional green card with permanent residency status for 10 years. This includes dependents.

Business Insider reports that the visa has flexible education requirements, so pilots who don’t have degrees or diplomas can still be eligible.

Although not easy or quick, the process has led to several pilots finding a job and a new life for their families in the United States.

The NIW visa takes 12 to 18 months to process and it’s advised that applicants work with specialised agencies.

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