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Many companies around the world have made the decision to not let their staff come back to the office full-time. Several companies have either chosen to let their employees work from home indefinitely, while others have opted for a hybrid version where employees are required to come in two to three days per week.

AirBnB is the latest big company to announce that staff can now permanently work from home or wherever they want to.

In an email to staff, CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky said that employees can work from anywhere and relocate anywhere within the country they currently work. Doing so won’t negatively impact compensation so no salaries will be adjusted downward if an employee decides to move to a city where the cost of living is lower.

Chesky went on to say that the permanent flexibility will allow the company to “hire and retain the best people in the world,” rather than simply those who are within “commuting radius around our offices.”

Globally, AirBnB has 6 000 employees with more than half of them located in the United States.

Chesky himself has become a living and breathing marketing campaign for remote work as he has announced that he had been living in places listed on the popular booking platform for months. This allowed him to move from city to city while still being able to do his job.

Image credit: Forbes

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