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Every year the first day of April sees the world’s brands trying their best to fool us. While some of them are successful, others aren’t able to fool us.

This year, premium retail giant Woolworths proudly announced that it’s now selling rotisserie chicken flavoured Chuckles. With Chuckles being a lot of people’s favourite sweet snacks, the public didn’t respond well to this idea as many people shared their disgust at the mere thought of mixing the two flavours.

A Photoshopped image of a Chuckles rotisserie chicken flavoured bag was posted on Woolworths Instagram and captioned with some great copy.

“Think malt balls infused with that delectable rotisserie chicken flavour, enrobed in rich, creamy milk chocolate. Slightly savoury, complemented by deliciously sweet… It’s a winner for sure!”.

Online bargain shop OneDayOnly made fun of the Russian oligarchs who have been sanctioned for their involvement in the Russian government and the invasion of Ukraine.

The ad said that it’s offering a Russian superyacht that’s “140 metres long and jam-packed with the kind of luxuries only Autocrats can dream of. If you’re not welcome in Europe, no problem with a range of 7,000 miles you can sail the world with 40 of your Oligarch mates in this floating resort.”

Instead of buying the option, shoppers were given the option to donate funds to Gift of the Givers who collected money for helpful causes in Ukraine.

Image credit: Fin Global

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