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The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSUA) has changed its stance on how many drinks they suggest Canadians consume per week.

Canadians are being urged to drink less, much less. The CCSUA has published its guidance on alcohol and health and the content therein led to some backlash from the general public.

According to the new national guidance, women should limit consumption to two standard drinks per week and men should limit consumption to six standard drinks per week.

People Magazine reports that the country defines a standard drink as a bottle of or beer or cider, glass of wine, or a shot glass of spirits.

Although this should only be seen as guidance, Erin Hobin, senior scientist with Public Health Ontario and a member of the expert panel that developed the guidelines, told the BBC that the ideal situation would be that no alcohol is consumed.

“The main message from this new guidance is that any amount of alcohol is not good for your health. And if you drink, less is better.”

The guidance was updated after a two-year-long research project that was funded by Health Canada. It involved almost 6,000 peer-reviewed studies and about 1,000 surveys about the impact of alcohol consumption.

Image credit: Les Tresors d’erable

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