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Brigitte Macron, wife of French president Emmanual Macron has said she believes all schools in France should make it mandatory for students to wear uniforms.

She said not only will it save parents money, but it will also save students time when they’re getting dressed and it could tackle social inequality among French students.

France’s National Assembly is currently debating a bill that could see uniforms becoming mandatory in public schools.

Although many have welcomed her support for the bill, the country’s education minister Pap Ndiaye has made it clear that he would not support the legislation.

“I warn those who think wearing a uniform will magically fix problems, whether they are problems involving brands of accessories or Airpods… Uniforms aren’t going to fix the problem.”

In France, public schools are free and accessible to all. Public schools do not require students to wear uniforms. Private schools on the other hand are fee-paying and they often require pupils to wear uniforms to school.

Mrs Macron was previously a teacher in the northern part of the country.

Image credit: The Economic Times

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