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Two guys in the United States have the same name and surname, and their wives even have the same name. They also happen to live in the same geographical area, but the major difference between these two men is their occupations.

The one Scott Stallings is a realtor while the other is a pro golfer. In fact, he’s such a pro that he is ranked number 54 in the world.

Scott the realtor found a lovely package on his doorstep with an invitation to the infamous Masters golf tournament in April. Scott the golfer checked “the mailbox five times a day” but didn’t receive anything.

That’s when Scott the realtor contacted Scott the golfer by sending him a DM on Instagram.

“I’m 100% sure this is NOT for me. I play but wow! Nowhere near your level.”

At first, the pro golfer thought it was a prank until he saw a photo of the invitation that the realtor sent with the message.

The realtor joked that he was seriously considering showing up at the Masters with his clubs and the invite, but his wife convinced him to contact the pro golfer.”

This is the first time that the pro golfer has received an invite for the Masters since 2014. He has won the PGA tour three times.

The realtor went to a local courier and sent the pro golfer his invite.

Image credit: CNN 

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