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New Zealand is about to turn the world of agriculture on its head with its planned introduction to tax the farts and burps of livestock.

The aim of the tax is to combat climate change relating to the country’s almost six million cows and 26 million sheep.

The controversial “world first” levy on emissions of methane and nitrous oxide, has the country’s local agricultural community up in arms with a leading farmers group saying it was still opposed to the emissions reduction scheme.

News24 reports that farmers have demanded Prime Minister Jacinda Arden’s centre-left government ditch the tax, which they warn will make food more costly and could put livelihoods at risk.

“Our shared goal is supporting farmers to grow their exports, reduce emissions, and maintain our agricultural sector’s international competitive edge. With our without the government’s proposals, New Zealand needs to be at the front of the queue to stay competitive in a market that is demanding sustainably produced products,” Arden said in a statement.

It’s believed the New Zealand government will make a decision on the pricing for the agricultural emissions scheme in early 2023.

Image credit: BBC

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