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Jacinda Ardern has apologised for using offensive language in the New Zealand parliament.

Ardern was in the midst of a heated parliamentary debate with the leader of the opposition. She gave a detailed response and as she sat down microphones picked up that she muttered “such an arrogant p****” under her breath.

David Seymour is the leader of New Zealand’s ACT party. He objected to the remark made towards him and petitioned the speaker of the House of Representatives to have it withdrawn.

RTE reports that the 42-year-old has been prime minister for five years, and has won favour worldwide for her management of crises and down-to-earth approach to politics.

For most of her two-term tenure she has enjoyed sky-high approval ratings, but lately, support for her Labour party seems to be waning as the party trails behind the opposition party by five percentage points.

Ardern was one of the first prime ministers to become a mum while in office.

Image credit: Hindustan Times


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