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A Tesla driver in Germany has had his licence suspended after he put his car on autopilot.

The driver felt tired and instead of pulling over, he took a nap behind the wheel of his car. This led to a wild 15-minute chase by Bavarian police on Germany’s infamous Autobahn 70.

The incident took place between Christmas and New Year.

The driver didn’t respond to the police car’s stop signals or sirens and didn’t pull over to the side of the road.

During the chase, the police officers noticed that the Tesla had kept the same distance from the patrol car and stayed at a constant speed of 110 kilometres per hour. When they pulled up next to the car, they saw a 45-year-old man reclined in his seat with his eyes closed.

Police also noticed that his hands weren’t on the steering wheel.

After a 15-minute chase, the driver eventually woke up and immediately followed the officers’ instructions to pull over to the side of the road.

Fox Business News reports that police also believed that the driver was under the influence of drugs after he failed a sobriety test. Officers did not note the specific drug the driver had allegedly taken.

The man is currently under investigation for criminal endangerment of traffic. Until a formal hearing is held, his licence has been suspended.

Image credit: The Driven

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