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Rachel Davey and Martina Sebova met during a tour of Europe in 2008. It was love at first sight on more than one level.

Both Davey and Sebova like to travel and, at the time, the two of them had seen many countries between them already.

They both dreamed of seeing every one of the 195 UN-recognised countries and territories in the world. So, they made it happen.

Because they were able to tick almost half of the countries in the world, it made things a lot easier for these avid travellers.

“I think it would terrify me if I had to start visiting every country and I’d been to like 10. I don’t really think that that’s even viable. You need to be well travelled (before doing something like this), Sebova told CNN Travel.

The aim was to spend five to seven days in each country so they saved up enough money and started travelling.

They decided to visit the countries in geographical order and also decided that they’ll travel overland as much as possible.

The first country on their list was North Korea, after that they visited Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan and Pakistan.

Next up was Africa and after that only 10 countries were left on the list. Then the pandemic hit.

They travelled within the Australian borders for 18 months while they waited for the travel bans to lift. Once the outstanding 10 countries opened their borders as well, they set off on their travels again.

On 19 November 2022, they reached Samoa, the final stop.

But the pair isn’t done yet. They’ve already started planning a trip to Thailand and Indonesia.

Image credit: andBeyond



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