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A mom in China has caused an online debate of note after sharing photos of her two-year-old daughter painting on her Porsche.

Local media in Wuhan, Hubei Province reported that Ms Mao said she wanted to let her child express herself creatively by letting her put paint on their family’s luxury car.

Ms. Mao told local media that her daughter wanted to make a more interesting painting. She decided to take her daughter down to her car and allowed her to stamp some colourful patterns and fruits and paint animals with the help of her mother.

News24 reports that the little girl dipped her fingers in some paint and left her handprints on the car doors. But after sharing the video on Doyin, which is what TikTok is called in China, Ms. Mao stirred controversy among netizens.

A lot of the online comments asked whether the act might not lead to the child thinking that it’s OK to draw on other people’s cars as well.

Ms. Mao told local media that she had told her daughter not to draw on cars unless she was given permission from adults.

She added that her daughter had been taught positively about this aspect, and said that although the Porsche may be valuable to adults, it is just a normal car for a two-year-old. Ms. Mao added that the two of them had a lot of fun and cleaned the car later returning it to its normal state.

Image credit: The South African

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