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Every year, Bollywood gives the people of India around 1,5000 movies on the big screen. They love it and it keeps their local film industry going even after all these years.

However, there’s one theatre and one movie that hasn’t kept up with modern times and everyone is happy with it. In fact, it’s still popular and the 1,100-seat theatre is never empty.

The Maratha Mandir cinema is located in Mumbai. It has shown Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge every day for the last 27 years. The only hiatus was during the pandemic.

The New York Times reports that Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge translates to The Big-Hearted Will Take The Bride and is known as DDLJ, is a boy-meets-girl story set against the backdrop of a moment of immense change and unbridled possibility in India.

The movie attracts people from all backgrounds, including retired grandparents, prostitutes, students, factory workers and others who still want to see the movie every now and again.

It even attracts homeless people who use whatever money they have left to visit the theatre.

When the pandemic hit, many feared that it would signal the end of the tradition, but the theatre opened up when they were allowed to and haven’t stopped showing the movie daily.

It has a permanent slot of 11:30 and often the crowd is larger than those you’ll find in the theatres showing the latest blockbusters.

Image credit: VUE

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