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Move over superyachts, there’s a new size yacht about to hit us. Pangeos is a terayacht that has been designed by Italian design firm, Lazzarini Design Studio.

The massive boat is shaped like an oversized tortoise with outstretched flippers.

The name is a nod to Pangea, the ancient supercontinent that once incorporated almost all of Earth’s landmasses.

In a statement Lazzarini said the ship will be big enough to hold various hotels, apartment, condos, shopping centres, parks, and other amenities.

The ship will be able to host 60 000 people at a time and will have ship and aircraft ports so that guests can arrive and leave even when the yacht isn’t docked near land.

At this stage, the design firm has said they don’t plan to release an itinerary as the idea is for the yacht to float at sea between continents.

At 548 metres in length the Pangeos is set to be the largest floating structure ever built.

The only thing holding back the building of the super yacht is the fact that there isn’t a shipyard big enough to build it in. It will require a yard that’s 321 kilometres wide and 289 kilometres long.

According to the Pangeos website, once the yacht is constructed, the dam can open, flooding the area and essentially launching the vessel. The design firm has its eyes set on the coast of Saudi Arabia. 

Image credit: Auto Evolution

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