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Doctor Sandra Lee used to make millions out of popping pimples. Now, the YouTube star says the very platform that made her famous and millions, has banned her videos saying it’s too graphic and goes against their rules.

Lee, also known as Doctor Pimple Popper, used to make six figures a month because of her videos on YouTube showing her popping her patients’ pimples and giving advice on how to effectively pop all types of pimples.

Her YouTube channel has 7.5 million subscribers and her videos have almost 5 billion views. That once lucrative income stream has now almost dried up.

Business Insider reports that after making close to R1.7 million a month from YouTube views between 2014 and 2016, the site then told her that her content wasn’t a money-maker.

On the world’s biggest video platform, those users who own channels make their money from advertising on their videos, memberships and a portion of revenue from premium subscribers.

Since Lee’s popaholic viewers watched her videos more than one billion times, it’s clear to see why YouTube used to be a major source of income for her.

YouTube’s regulations about content says that it discourages users from posting graphic or violent content on its channels. It also says that if the content posted is considered to be too graphic or violent, it will be removed. As is the case with Lee.

It’s not clear whether YouTube will change their minds anytime soon, but until then the popaholics will have to get their kick from other platforms.

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