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Low-cost European airline EasyJet has found a solution to the worldwide struggle to find employees after the pandemic.

Demand for travel has taken off again, but there isn’t enough staff for several airlines to ensure they comply with regulations.

The BBC reports that by taking out the back row of seating on its A319 fleet, EasyJet said it will be able to fly with three cabin crew instead of four.

While it would limit the number of passengers to 150, it would also limit the number of staff members. EasyJet has assured passengers that it would still meet Civil Aviation Authority regulations on the required number of cabin crew as it’s not based on the number of passengers on board the plane, but rather on the number of seats.

Only last month, EasyJet and British Airways had to cancel hundreds of flights because the number of positive cases was on the rise again. It not only influenced their number of passengers, but their number of staff members who were able to work.

This made it incredibly difficult for the airlines to maintain full schedules.

The BBC further reports that in the meantime, EasyJet said the scheme to limit passenger numbers on the A319 will allow the airline to operate with more certainty. The change in capacity was very small and a proportion of overall summer season passenger numbers, it added.

Image credit: Amadeus

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