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From music festivals to trains, authorities have been urging people to get tattoos in turn for specials and freebies.

Austria’s climate minister recently endorsed a campaign where people would get a year’s free public transport if they got a tattoo on their body. This isn’t just any tattoo, but the rail card logo.

As controversial as it was, it was nothing compared to the backlash received by the Austrian railway service who invited attendees at a music festival to get their tickets tattooed on their bodies.

The tickets usually cost over 1,000 euros and then the ticket holder gets unlimited bus, tram, metro and rail travel. Those who get the logo would be able to travel for free for an entire year.

In Italy, there was also a permanent marking case, but not tattoos.

Two German tourists were arrested after they spray painted soccer-related graffiti on the Vasari Corridor, a 460-year-old building leading up to the famous Uffizi Galleries.

Image credit: NZ Herald  

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