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A wine train from London to the south of France is set to take its first trip in 2026.

Not only will it connect London to Europe’s wine region, but it will also make stops in Cologne, Frankfurt, Geneva, Marseille and Toulouse on its way there.

It’s believed that the ride will take five hours from London to Bordeaux and will be built by HS1, the UK’s first high-speed railway.

Dyan Crowther, CEO of HS1, says the company is excited about the international routes.

“We are keen to expand our network and grow through new international routes.”

The UK and France aren’t the only countries that have their eyes set on Europe’s ever-expanding rail network. Switzerland has just launched Shania Train, a train that’s set to be a high-speed track jumping train.

If you’re going on a fun wine train, you probably need a suitcase to match the occasion.

CNN reports that the perfect suitcase for a wine vacation is already on the market: The BinGardeValise Grande suitcase comes with 12 foam inserts for safely transporting bottles.

Image credit: Europe’s Best Destinations

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