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The Queensland Police Service (QPS) has not only shown interest in recruiting police officers from South Africa, but they’ve also gone ahead and advertised it as well.

In a post on their social media platform, the QPS invited members of the South Africa Police Service (SAPS) to “bring (their) policing skills to Queensland Australia”.

“We’re now recruiting experienced constables from South Africa” the post said.

Timira Josiffe, a recruitment officer for the QPS said police officers who had five years’ experience could apply and emphasised that officers would still have to meet the visa eligibility requirements as set out by the Department of Immigration.

Even though they aren’t Australian citizens or permanent residents, foreign nationals with policing experience can apply. Some of the requirements include the completion of a physiological test and applicants have to be under the age of 55 without any grievances on their previous visa applications.

Inquiries on the page suggest that the response has been overwhelmingly positive with several SAPS members already requesting more information. To this, the QPS replied:

“Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve received a lot of interest in this opportunity, so response time is taking a little longer than usual. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible, thanks for your patience.”

The SAPS has commented that they’re not aware of their members being recruited.

Image credit: QPS

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