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Blake Johnston has managed to set a new world record for the longest surfing session.

The 40-year-old Australian beat South African Josh Enslin’s previous record of 30 hours and 11 minutes by surfing for 40 hours.

He set the world record at Cronulla bean in Sydney.

During the session, he dodged swarms of jellyfish and rode more than 700 waves. As he surfed back to shore, the hundreds of supporters who had gathered to support him, welcomed him with rapturous applause.

Johnston was carried off the beach on the shoulders of his friends. He was wearing a black cowboy hat and a thermal blanket was draped around his shoulders.

The record had a personal connection for Johnston as he managed to raise just over Aus$200,000 for mental health charities. The event marked 10 years since Johnston’s father committed suicide.

After passing the 30-hour record mark, he told reporters that he’s “still got a job to do. I said (40 hours) so I’ll go and give it a crack. I’m pretty cooked, yeah, but we’ll push through”.

It was pitch dark when Johnston started surfing at 01:00 on Thursday. Large spotlights had to be used to illuminate the water.

News24 reports that under the rules of the attempt, he was allowed to sporadically leave the ocean so he could soothe his eyes with eyedrops, refuel with snacks and lather himself up in sunscreen. Medics would check his heart rate and blood pressure before he dashed back into the swell.

Image credit: CNN

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