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In the state and city of New York, it’s now illegal to carry a gun in the area commonly known as Times Square.

The New York City Council held a hearing recently to decide exactly what the term ‘Times Square’ means. This follows lawmakers in the state’s decision to identify a long list of sensitive locations where it would be a new felony if someone had a gun on them.

News24 reports that council members held a hearing on a bill that includes a more expansive definition for the new gun-free zone. The bill, which will be voted on in September, says the area should encompass 34 city blocks in the heart of Manhattan, applying only to outdoor areas.

A decision made by the US Supreme Court earlier this year said that people have a constitutional right to carry weapons in public, this should include the state of New York.

The court said the gun-free zone law denies people the right to carry a gun in public.

The list includes parks, schools, bars, public transit spaces, and courthouses. While most of the locations were grouped according to what purpose they offered, only Times Square was singled out by name.

New York state lawmakers have asked the city to post signage around its perimeter so that the public would be well aware of whether they’re in the area marked as Times Square.

Image credit: NYCgo

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