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Australian police have seized almost two tons of methamphetamine at a port in Sydney.

The drugs, imported from the Middle East, are the biggest drug bust in the country ever. Locally known as ice, it was discovered in shipping containers and concealed in marble.

It’s believed that the men are part of a broader syndicate with international ties.

According to New South Wales Police, the group was “sophisticated” but officers couldn’t believe their audacity in attempting to import such large drug quantities without detection.

Detective Chief Superintendent John Watson shared the sentiment.

“These figures are staggering. This seizure is the biggest in Australia’s history.”

In regional Australian communities, the drug is fuelling violent crimes, addiction and severe mental health issues.

The BBC reports that the country has the highest reported methamphetamine use per capita in the world, with about 6% of Australians, 1.2 million people, having used the drug.

Earlier this month, and at the same port in Sydney, a vintage Bentley was used to stash over 150 kilograms of methamphetamine. Thanks to a tip-off, the luxury car was X-rayed and the concealed drugs were found behind the car’s headlights.

Police found 161 kilograms of methamphetamine and 30 kilograms of cocaine.

Image credit: AP News

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