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If getting married on the ground seems like so yesterday, then Uganda Airlines might have just what you’re looking for.

The African country’s national airline is now offering the chance to get married while flying in a jet.

The experience is called the Sky Weddings Experience and is in partnership with Uganda Airlines and a private jet rental company Air Charter Service.

The experience, called Sky Weddings, will cost you just under R500 000 and will last a total of two hours. You’ll be able to invite 16 guests to share in this awesome experience as you get married while flying above Uganda.

The airline is also offering couples who stay married the chance to celebrate their anniversary in the air.

If getting married up in the air isn’t your thing, then Uganda Airlines have another option for you.

The Sky Celebrations experience is a journey offering the chance to celebrate special occasions like proposals, bridal shopping, weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries.

The airline also offers people the chance to celebrate their special milestones or get married in Dubai, Mombasa, Zanibar, Dar-es-Salaam, Entebbe and Johannesburg.

So far it’s not clear how many people have opted to get married up in the air, but this package has definitely given new meaning to the saying love is in the air.

Image credit: Ng’aali Inflight Magazine

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