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A travel company has launched a new package where tourists are invited to spend time in Ukraine.

Visit Ukraine offers tours of war-torn cities in the country.

Although Ukraine is currently listed as ‘Level 4: Do not travel’ – the highest travel advisory level. The travel company still believes that people will be interested to travel to the country.

It’s still possible to enter the country through various borders with neighbouring countries.

Attractions listed on the company’s website include shelled buildings, bomb debris, and destroyed military gear.

Cities that could be visited include Kyiv, Bucha, Irpin and Kharkiv.

Business Insider reports that during an interview with Visit Ukraine’s CEO Anton Taranenko, he said that the company has provided several dozen tours since the site was updated and booked more than 200. Much of the interest has come from Ukrainians who were displaced during the war or had moved to other countries earlier on.

More than 12 Americans have also booked tours through the city. This comes even though the US Department of State has urged all US citizens to exit the country immediately. The department has warned that it won’t be able to assist Americans in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government hasn’t associated itself with the website or endorsed it in any way.

Image credit: Bloomberg

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