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The world’s tallest woman has broken two more world records.

Rumeysa Gelgi has already been crowned the world’s tallest woman. Now she also holds the world records for the woman with the world’s longest fingers and the longest back.

The 25-year-old from Turkey’s right hand is 24.93 centimetres long. The average female hand is around 17 centimetres.

Rumeysa’s record-breaking height of 215. is due to a very rare genetic disorder called Weaver syndrome.

Although her height definitely comes with its own set of, often painful, challenges she turns every negative aspect into a positive situation, choosing to look on the bright side of life.

“My height looks like a disadvantage to other people, but I have turned it into a blessing for myself. My uniqueness and differences are being awarded and celebrated.”

Right from the start it was clear that Rumeysa’s height was going to be incredible.

As an adult she is 2.15 metres tall. At birth she was already 59 centimetres long and weighed 5.8 kilograms.

She was growing at a rapid rate and by the time she celebrated her sixth birthday, Rumeysa was already 1.54 metres tall.

Transportation is one of her biggest challenges. With her height, she’s too tall to sit in a car in a regular seated position, so she travels in a van with a mattress in the back so that she can lie down.

Flying has always been a dream of hers.

“I have never been on a plane before, but I am hoping to do so this year, and I will have to travel while laying down on a stretcher.”

Due to her height, Rumeysa suffers from scoliosis which means she can’t remain in the same position for too long.

Image credit: Daily Sabah

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