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A small island in the Firth of Clyde is for sale.

The island is called the isle of Pladda and it’s just off the coast of Arran in Scotland.

While the asking price of R7 million might seem steep, it’s not that much more compared to the average house in the United Kingdom.

For the same amount, you’ll only get a three-bedroom house in Glasgow or Edinburgh.  

In fact, the average price of a three-bedroom house in London sells for more at over R10 million.

If you’re interested in the isle of Pladda, you’ll get 28 acres of land, a five-bedroom house, a helipad and its very own lighthouse dating back to the 1790s.

The island used to belong to the Arran Estate, but 30 years ago it was sold to Derek and Sally Morten. The Mortens are fashion designers and still the current owners.

Now the Mortens want to sell the island which is located 50 kilometres from Glasgow and can be reached via boat from the mainland.

The island has been empty for several years now and the estate agent has suggested some renovations before it can be lived on again.

The BBC reports that more than 100 species of birds have been recorded on the island. The island’s lighthouse has been automated from Edinburgh since 1990.

If you’re after views, then you’ll be spoilt for choice as the views of Scotland and its coast is unlimited. Even on a clear day, you’d be able to see Northern Ireland.

Image credit: BBC

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