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One of Europe’s busiest airports is getting a helping hand from Microsoft employees.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is, like many of the airports in Europe, struggling to cope with the high demand for travelling in, from and to Europe.

This summer has led to one of the most chaotic summer travel experiences ever experienced as the world takes a sigh of relief after the pandemic.

In a statement released by the airport, it says that more than 100 employees from companies that partner with Schiphol, as well as contractors and staff from the Dutch infrastructure ministry, have been deployed across the airport.

Microsoft is one of the companies that have partnerships with Schiphol that has offered volunteers to help out. The volunteers help passengers in the terminal and answer any questions.

According to Schiphol, it created a group called “The Flamingos”, office employees in bright pink vests who help with passenger or luggage processing in the terminal once a week between July and early September.

“It’s heart-warming to see that large numbers of our partners’ office staff want to help out in the terminal,” said Patricia Vitalis, director of airport operations at Schiphol.

“We are happy to accept that help with both hands. This not only helps travellers but also eases our staff’s workload.”

Image credit: Newsroom Schiphol

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