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Kraft Heinz has released a statement to inform the US public that approximately 5 760 cases of Capri Sun Wild Cherry have been recalled.

According to the statement, a cleaning solution used to treat food processing equipment was accidentally introduced into a production line at one of their factories.

The issue was only discovered after Kraft Heinz received several consumer complaints about the taste of the product.

Although the company didn’t reveal exactly how many pouches in total have been recalled, it’s easy to do the maths.

Each case has four cartons that contain 10 pouches each. That gives you a total of about 230 000 individual pouches that have possibly been contaminated with the cleaning solution.

Although Kraft Heinz has confirmed that they’re “actively working” with retailers to remove the ”potentially impacted product from circulation”, consumers in the United States can also do a self-check where they use the ‘best when used by’ date as a guideline.

A spokesperson said “at Capri Sun, we’re committed, as always to a high standard of quality, as the safety of our consumers is paramount” and added that only the United States market is affected.

CNN reports that earlier this week, about 13 000 pounds of frozen pizza made by Home Run Inn Frozen Foods were recalled because of potential metal contamination.

Image credit: NBC News

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