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Rapper Cardi B has surprised fans by sharing the secret to her healthy hair. And you’re probably going to be very surprised.

The 29-year-old has revealed that she boils onions and then use the water to wash her hair.

She shared the news on Instagram with a video of her hip-length hair shining in the sun.

“My last 2 washes I been boiling onions and using the water to wash my hair.”

She also revealed that the strange secret ingredient has been part of her healthy hair growth journey for a very long time.

“I used to do this 6 years ago when I started my healthy hair growth journey. I stopped cause I got really lazy.”

The beauty tip had a lot of her followers wondering if it doesn’t leave an odour.

“It’s been giving a shine to my hair.”

Healthline has reported that there are in fact benefits to washing your hair with the tear-inducing veggie.

“Onion juice may be effective for hair loss in some instances. It may also restore lustre and shine. Onion juice could also prevent premature greying of hair and treat dandruff. It may also be beneficial in alopecia treatment inflamed, dry, or itchy scalp and hair loss.”

Image credit: YouTube

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