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Located in a small town between Parma and Modena in Italy, the world’s smallest vineyard has started to produce its own wine. The bottles sell for $5,000 and have been marketed as the most exclusive wine in the world.

The owner, Tullio Masoni, is an entrepreneur, art collector and former investment banker.

CNN reports that he grows the grapes on the rooftop of Via Mari 10, the building’s address and the name of the wine itself, a notable site because in 1859 it was visited by Giuseppe Garibaldi, the revolutionary who helped unify Italy.

The region just happens to have produced some of the world’s most iconic brands and foods. This includes Ferrari, Lamborghini, lasagne, tortellini, Prosciutto di Parma and Ragu alla Bolognese.

The town where Via Mari 10 is located in, is also the birthplace of the Italian national flag.

Because of the size of the vineyard, it only produces 29 bottles of red wine a year. The bottles are sold at a shocking $5,000 per bottle.

The bottles are not sold in a shop or online, but rather in a nearby gallery.

Quite controversially, Masoni doesn’t want his bottles to be opened at all. He doesn’t want people to drink his wine, but rather to keep the bottles unopened and display them like a piece of art.

Image credit: CNN

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