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When major brands started leaving Russia due to their invasion of Ukraine, the country was left without famous brands like Nike, Estee Lauder, and Starbucks.

Now the country is launching its own rebranded versions of several of these brands.

The first McDonald’s in Russia was in Moscow, it is now a Vkusno i tochka selling burgers, fries and similar desserts that you would find at McDonald’s.

Business Insider reports that McDonald’s operated in Russia for 30 years before it closed its restaurants in the country in March. In May, the chain sold its Russian franchises to a Russian businessman, Alexander Govor. Vkusno i tochka reopened its first rebranded restaurants in June. McDonald’s operated 850 restaurants throughout Russia.

Although the new owners had to make plans and think on their feet, their burgers seem to be a hit. They had to come up with a different burger sauce to serve on their version of the Big Mac. The former McFlurry machines had to be replaced because they are patented technology.

The chain has made several trademark applications for its versions of famous McDonald’s menu items.

One of the worries is that they haven’t been able to find an alternative for Coca-Cola yet, another brand that left the country.

Vkusno i tochka CEO, Oleg Paroev said that all the closed restaurants will open as soon as September.

Image credit: Daily Sabah

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