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Rumours are doing the rounds again that the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un is either dead or critically ill in a coma.

Market Watch reports that a former South Korean official is claiming the dictator has fallen into a coma, and reports suggest that he has handed over some of his power to his younger sister.

Speculation around the leader's health has mounted since he hasn't appeared in public for some time now. Rumours suggested that he had a failed heart operation back in April and his health was deteriorating.

Roy Calley, a journalist who has travelled throughout North Korea, has told India News that he believes Kim Jong Un is dead. He also mentioned that major operational changes currently being made in the country are the reason behind the country's officials being vague about its current state of affairs.

Calley also pointed out that similar confusion was rife when former leader, and Kim Jong Un's father, Kim Jong Il passed away in 2011. His death was only announced weeks after it actually happened.

While speculation and rumours are nothing to go by, it seems as if a big announcement is to follow within the next few weeks or months.

Many believe Kim Jong Un's 33-year-old sister will be next in line to lead the country as the de facto head of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Image credits: The Economic Times and Newshub

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