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An American Fox News report has inspired Donald Trump's latest tweet regarding South Africa's land seizures and expropriations.

The exclusive Fox News report by Tucker Carlson breaks down the land expropriation debate with South African, Marian L. Tupy, who is the senior policy analyst at the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, and here are some of the important points from the report and discussion, conducted Wednesday Evening.

Tucker Carlson;
"The president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, has begun seizing land from its own citizens without compensation because they are the wrong skin colour. That is literally the definition of racism, racism is what our elites dislike most."

Fox News contacted the state department for comment on the South African land seizures and their reply was;

"We are aware of these reports and have been following this issue very closely for some time. South Africa is a strong democracy with resilient institutions including a free press and independent judiciary. South Africans are grappling with the difficult issue of land reform through an open process including public hearings, broad-based constitutions, and active civil society engagement. President Ramaphosa has pledged that the land reform process will follow the rule of law, and its implementation will not adversely affect economic growth, agricultural production, or food security."

Carlson continues by saying the state department failed to mention that, by following the rule of law, Ramaphosa has changed the constitution to make it possible to steal land from people because they are the wrong skin colour.

Marian Tupy and Tucker Carlson;
"In a free and civilized society, we don't take peoples stuff on the bases of the colour of their skin, it was wrong when it took place in apartheid, it is wrong now and it would be a tragedy if South Africa were to repeat the same mistakes it did in the past," said Marian Tupy.

Carson continues, "We saw something similar to this happening in neighbouring Zimbabwe, what happened when land was seized there on the bases of skin colour?"

Tupy replies, "Eighteen years ago, the governing party of Zimbabwe, the ZANU PF, was threatened with an electoral loss and, in order to sure up its support amongst the electorates, it decided to expropriate the farmers of Zimbabwe. What that led to, aside from horrific violence, was a total economic collapse of the country, half a century of economic growth was wiped out in Zimbabwe as a result of this particular policy. The country experienced hyperinflation and had to abandon its currency. The countries unemployment rate was roughly 90%, life expectancy plummeted, child mortality increased and of course, the agricultural production collapsed and hunger ensued.

"The first thing that needs to be made clear is to denounce the policy, the Trump administration needs to make it very clear that it is both immoral because it targets a specific group of people and, secondly, that it would be economically destructive. The South African government needs to be aware that the law – The African Growth and Opportunity Act – which Africa trades with the U.S. requires the president of the U.S. to expel countries from Agoa that do not respect property rights and the dew process.

"So the South African government needs to be aware that, if it changes the constitution and legalises what is essentially theft of private property, it will be kicked out of Agoa and further negative economic growth consequences will ensue."

The president of the U.S. has replied to this exclusive Fox News Report in a Tweet;

And the South African government has also replied in a series of Tweets:

You can watch the full Fox News Report below.

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