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A local travel agency has promised travellers dream holidays filled with five-star hotels, luxurious destinations and expensive flights… Only to run away with all the money.

Hello Darlings is begin accused by a group of more than 2 000 people of defrauding them and the disgruntled clients want their money back. A group was started on the social messaging app Telegram and members have been flooded by fellow clients who were defrauded.

With thousands of people trying to get hold of the CEO, it seems as if she has fled the country and have deactivated all her social media accounts.

A former employee who had an admin role at Hello Darlings, said she resigned after she realised that something is going on.

Clients would harass her after they realised that their accommodation was never paid or that their flights were never booked even though they paid the full amounts to Hello Darlings.

The former employee, who prefers not to be named, told News24 that her own family was also defrauded by her former employer.

“My parents, she owes the R68 000 for an America trip in December last year and my aunt was booked for a Dubai trip and she is owed R60 000. My cousin is currently booked for a trip in March and she doesn’t know what is going on with the trip.”

The woman said that she couldn’t reach the former CEO and that other employees who have tried to reach her have all been blocked on social media platforms.

Several of the clients have opened police cases against the company.

Image credit: News24

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