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What started out as an argument between friends has taken over the internet as people discuss whether the world has more wheels or doors.

Earlier this month Ryan Nixon posted a poll on his Twitter account asking his 1 300 followers to weigh in on the “stupidest debate” he was having with his friends.

Four days later Nixon’s poll received 220 000 votes and the rest is history.

Since then, the argument has taken over TikTok and Instagram with other social media platforms following suit.

The ‘wheels versus doors debate’ has seen some serious arguments over the last few days.

Business Insider reports that some comments argued there were more wheels in the world due to the number of vehicles. Other comments said that even vehicles typically have doors and there are also multiple doors in every house.

“Four-door cars and trucks nullify themselves. All ships have doors, no wheels. All buildings have doors, no wheels”. This comment got 1 600 likes.

Arguments for team wheels were supported by people pointing out that hospital beds, skateboards and even Lego cars have wheels.

Team doors have pointed out that there are thousands of skyscrapers in the world with hundreds of doors and no wheels. One person also said that every coffin has a door, and no coffin has wheels.

The argument is still going strong, and it seems as if we will never know whether the world has more wheels or doors.

Image credit: iNews

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