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Only a few months after marrying herself, the Brazilian Playboy model has filed for divorce… from herself.

Cris Galera got the world’s attention when she married herself in September of 2021.

The Brazilian with more than 200 000 followers on Instagram said at the time that self-love was the reason for the wedding.

“I’m loving myself so much that I can’t feel anything for anyone else.”

On the day she wore a figure-hugging white wedding dress and an elegant bouquet of white flowers. She said that she chose the dress because she wanted to highlight her “best features, her breasts. I wore a killer neckline”.

Cris is a lawyer and model based in London. She has just made headlines again when she announced that she filed for divorce to free herself from herself so she can start dating men again.

News24 reports that she admitted that she wanted the divorce process to be over in time for the Rio de Janeiro Carnival at the end of April in case she met any interesting single men at the festivities.

The model disclosed that she will definitely want to settle down with a man one day, but that she doesn’t believe in traditional marriage as seen by society.

Image credit: Need To Know

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