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The Met Office has told millions of people in the UK to stay at home as Storm Eunice hits the area.

Eunice has been described as one of the worst storms in decades.

Two red weather warnings have been issued in London as well as the south coast and south-east and east of England while all trains have been suspended in Wales and hundreds of schools will be closed.

Red weather warnings in the United Kingdom are very rare. A warning is categorised as red when there are clear indications that roofs could be blown off, power lines could be brought down and trees uprooted. The Met Office also warned that flying debris could cause danger to a person’s life.

The BBC reports that Eunice could well be one of the worst storms in three decades. Eunice is the second storm in a week for the UK after storm Dudley battered parts of Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland, leaving thousands of homes without power.

Storm Eunice is believed to hit England and Wales throughout most of the day on Friday and well into the late evening. It’s believed the storm would have passed by Saturday but showers are still expected in the affected areas.

Image credit: Sky News


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