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An Uber passenger near the English city of Manchester ordered an Uber to join his friends for a drink after work.

The 15-minute trip is one that he’s taken numerous times before, but the reason why this one was different is the price tag that came with it.

Oliver Kaplan had a good night, but woke up to a notification from Uber the next day that ruined his morning.

A message from Uber notified him that they were unable to deduct the R720,000 for the trip from his bank account as he had insufficient funds.

Realising that the trip should have cost him somewhere between 10 and 11 pounds as per usual, he immediately contacted the company.

The 22-year-old told the Manchester News that he rushed to contact Uber’s customer service throught the app. The person he spoke to, who at first seemed stumped, said the bill was so high because the drop-off location had been wrongly set to Australia.

Luckily Kaplan didn’t have that amount of money in his bank account and the transaction couldn’t go through.

“If I had that sort of money, I would have had to chase them for a refund – it could have landed me in all sorts of financial trouble.”

The Manchester News reached out to Uber who said “as soon as this issue was raised on Oliver’s account we immediately corrected the fare. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

Image credit: Stuff

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