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Regulations around smoking laws in South Africa are about to become much tighter.

That’s if the lawmakers behind the Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Control Bill get their way.

The Bill was introduced and recently approved by Cabinet which means it’s on its way to Parliament. Its aim, since it was first tabled five years ago, is to replace the Tobacco Products Control Act of 1993.

Some of the things that will change under this law include not being allowed to smoke in a public indoor area or at home or in a car while in the presence of a non-smoker or child.

Smokers will also not be allowed to smoke in an enclosed common area of a multi-unit residence, like a stairwell or passage.

Business Insider reports that the South African government, and the department of health, in particular, want tobacco products to be much more tightly controlled, in line with directives issued by the World Health Organisation.

Regulations will include the sale, advertising, packaging and labelling of tobacco products. Where cigarettes and vapes are to be smoked legally, are also about to be changed.

Where smokers will be allowed to smoke isn’t the only massive change. What their cigarette packaging will look like is about to undergo a massive rebranding exercise as well, as the minister of health will prescribe standardised packaging and labelling requirements.

All the packaging must have a uniform plain colour and texture and be of the same size, type and shape.

Image credit: Walden University

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