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Several South African organisations are getting together to push for a four-day work week.

A pioneer pilot project is being launched in 2023. The project will include employees at participating companies where they will work 80% of their current hours for 100% of their current pay.

The promoters of this plan say companies can expect to still achieve 100% of their current output, while saving money and they’ll be able to contribute to reducing climate change.

They will also be able to save money if loadshedding strikes as there will be fewer or no people in the office at all.

If the current trial in the UK is anything to go by, the four-day-week might become a reality.

The UK is currently in the middle of one of the world’s biggest four-day week trials. Business Insider reports that of the 70 companies participating, 86% already plan to keep the four-day schedule when it ends, citing the same benefits generally reported in such experiments: happier people, better output, and lower costs.

The promoters said that if you need help to convince your boss that your company should participate in the local four-day-week trial, they’ll help you to convince them. And they’ll even help your boss to convince the board that the change should become a permanent thing in your company.

Image credit: Entrepreneur

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