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Hollywood actors Ben Stiller and Sean Penn have been blacklisted from Russia.

The two celebrities have both been vocal about their support for Ukraine. Both have also met with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

During a meeting that was broadcasted on television in June, Stiller shared his admiration for Zelensky saying Zelensky is his “hero”.

Penn happened to be in Ukraine recording a documentary when Russia invaded the country in February. Fleeing on foot, he joined the millions of locals who tried to escape the war and Russia’s invasion by crossing the border into Poland.

He has since been back to Ukraine to meet with Zelensky. The Ukraine president has publicly thanked Penn for his support.

The two actors have been added to a list along with 23 other US citizens. The list, comprising mostly of politicians, trade officials and industrial executives, places individuals under sanctions and bans them from entering Russia.

Also on the list are US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, four deputy commerce secretaries and six US senators.

Fellow US actress Jessica Chastain has also visited Ukraine and met with President Zelensky in her bid to show support for him and his country.

It’s not clear whether Chastain has also been added to the blacklist.

Image credit: People Magazine

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